About Brian & Jessi Gibson

Brian and Jessi Gibson are passionate advocates for family and marriage, with over 23 years of marital experience and three beautiful children. Throughout their journey, they have demonstrated unwavering commitment to strengthening relationships, both within their own family and among the community they serve.

As visionary leaders, Brian and Jessi have pioneered and pastored multiple churches, including serving as senior pastors Hischurch.cc a thriving ministry with multiple locations in Kentucky and Texas. Their dedication to the local church and its impact on society has taken them around the globe, preaching the Gospel and speaking at conferences.

Recognized as influential voices in multiple domains, including ministry, church, politics, and news media, Brian and Jessi have appeared on prominent platforms such as Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Newsweek, and more. They have fearlessly championed the rights of the church and fought against unconstitutional lockdowns, tirelessly advocating for the importance of faith and freedom.

However, amidst their extensive endeavors, Brian and Jessi hold a deep-rooted belief that the foundation of a healthy nation starts with cultivating healthy homes. They firmly believe that strong families and thriving marriages are the building blocks of a vibrant society. Their book offers invaluable insights and practical guidance to empower couples in nurturing their relationships, enhancing their connection, and creating lasting love.

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